Glaze Mixing Essentials

Workshop for beginners

Learn how to safely mix your own glazes from scratch and do a “Colour Run” by testing a base recipe with multiple colourants.

Are you ready to dive into the vast world of mixing your own glazes and not sure how to get started?

Have you always wanted to learn how to mix your own glazes but haven’t been able to find a class on glaze mixing?

Are you tired of the high cost and limitations of commercial glazes?

Maybe you just started your own home studio because of Covid shutdowns and someone used to mix glazes for you, but now you’re on your own.

I would love to teach you how to safely mix your own glazes so you can start to broaden the possibilities for completing your work. This first step of learning how to mix your own glazes will open up a whole world of options for you.

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    1. Welcome to Glaze Mixing Essentials

    • Start Here

    • How to Ask Questions

    • Handouts, Worksheets, Presentation Slides and Links

  • 2

    2. Glaze Mixing Essentials Program

    • 1. Intro (5:20)

    • 2. Choosing a Glaze Recipe (14:54)

    • 3. Reading a Glaze Recipe (21:44)

    • Bonus Lesson: What Do the Glaze Materials Do? (optional)

    • 4. Batching a Glaze Recipe (13:46)

    • 5. Materials and Supplies (17:03)

    • 6. Glaze Mixing Prep (3:31)

    • 7. Glaze Mixing Demo (21:13)

    • 8. Colourants and Opacifiers (14:55)

    • 9. Colour Run Prep (4:44)

    • 10. Colour Run Demo (27:50)

    • Feedback Survey

  • 3

    3. Zoom Q&A Sessions

    • Next Monthly Q&A Session on Zoom

    • Upcoming Zoom Schedule

    • Replay - Nov 17, 2021

    • Replay - Oct 20, 2021

    • Replay - Sep 30, 2021

    • Replay - Jun 12, 2021

    • Replay - May 8, 2021

  • 4

    4. The Resource Vault

    • Welcome to the Resource Vault

    • Using to Find, Store and Share Glaze Recipes

    • How to Normalize a Glaze Recipe

    • Keeping Glazes Suspended with Bentonite

    • Which Glaze Materials to Buy on a Budget

    • Glazes You Can Make with Limited Materials

    • Making Material Substitutions with

    • Fix a Hard-Panned Glaze with Epsom Salts

    • Glaze Safety and MSDS Sheets

    • Keep a Glaze Journal

    • Using Witness Cones & How to Make a Cone Pack

    • Make Some Test Tiles

    • Measuring Specific Gravity for Consistent Glaze Results

    • Getting Started with Glaze Testing

    • Protect Your Kiln Shelves from Runny Glazes

    • How to Calcine Your Own Kaolin