The Glaze Knowledge Guarantee (refund policy)

Mastering Glaze Consistency is the only online ceramics course of its kind. It’s a thorough, yet easy to understand program for serious potters, ceramic artists, studio technicians and teachers who are ready to learn all the reasons why glazing is the most frustrating part of the ceramics process. 

It’ll guide you from the making to the bisque firing to the glazing, to the glaze firing processes, giving you insight into how each step contributes to your final results. With this knowledge and a step-by-step testing system, you’ll develop control and the confidence to get your chosen glazes working the way you want them to.

You’ll have a chance to go through the entire “Learning Phase” of the course before you decide whether this course is the missing piece in your glazing education.

By the end of Module 4, you will have learned in great detail, the 7 factors that affect glaze results and how to control them.

If this in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of glaze application doesn’t give you several light bulb moments where the glazing process and results start to finally make sense, and you don’t wish to continue and learn all the implementation steps, you’re welcome to:

  1. Send me an email
  2. Explain how the course didn’t meet your expectations
  3. I’ll refund your investment

Refund requests must be received by Tues, May 5, 2020 at 11:59pm UTC (4:59pm PDT, 7:59pm EDT). This is just before Module 5 will be released. Once Module 5 is released, no refunds may be requested. Allow 14 days for refund to be processed. Access to the course will be revoked as soon as refund is initiated.